Health Screenings
Bone Density Screening
  Skin Damage Screening

Onsite Health Seminars and Classes

Our onsite seminars address some of today’s most pressing health concerns. Topics include fitness and exercise, weight management, workplace ergonomics, men’s health, women’s health, children’s health, prenatal care, smoking cessation and stress management. All seminars are developed by Total Wellness Concepts. They are very interactive, with each one starting with a self-assessment and ending with an individualized action plan.

Smoking Cessation Programs

A Few of Our Class Offerings:
· Weight management: "Healthy Weigh”

· Fitness and exercise: Varrious Topics

· Pre- and postnatal care: Baby and Me

· Menopause: “Life After Menopause”

· Stress management: “Balancing Work, Family, Finances”

· Chronic conditions: asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, back pain

· Making the Change: How to Adopt Healthy Behaviors and Keep Them

To be used in conjunction with Health Screenings and Health Programs

This service offers unlimited access to an online and on-site Health Risk Assessment. Users can go through the HRA
and generate a personalized report regarding health risks. The HRA can be updated by the user to reflect changes in

The health assessment helps the individual identify risks associated with health behaviors and make lifestyle changes to improve their health status. The assessment collects individual health-related, clinical, behavioral and demographicinformation. It is developed along the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force age and gender based care guidelines, chronic and acute conditions and health-related behavioral and lifestyle constructs. It has been validated and tested for its reliability. Information is collected in key measurement areas relating to health and well-being including:

· brief medical history

· family history

· preventive care status

· health habits and life experiences

· personal safety

· general information

Upon completion of the health assessment, participants receive immediate feedback including an easy to understand health score and recommendations for health improvement based on their individual health scores in the key measurement areas. Report features include:

· a healthy behavior score that is graphically displayed in a health behavior chart. The score is calculated for overall health and for individual lifestyle areas including exercise, preventive health care, safety, weight, tobacco and nutrition

· personalized messages about, and suggestions for improving health behaviors in each of the lifestyle areas

· tip sheets on a variety of health and wellness topics including weight management, asthma, breast cancer, coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, back care, and osteoporosis



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